Sanja Alexandra Stefanovic

I would love to read your thoughts about classical piano music, what is your favourite composer, who is inspiring you in piano performance.

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MengNi Shen
16.03.2023 16:31:13
A happy person
Stella Vozdánszky
15.03.2023 23:47:44
Liebe Sanja,
Deine Liebe zur Musik und die Hingabe, mit der Du Dich ihr widmest ist ein Geschenk für jeden, der Dich hören darf.
All Deine Erfahrungen und Dein Wissen gibst Du gerne weiter, Du teilst Deine Musik mit der Welt und den Menschen.
Jahrelange Freundschaft und wunderschöne gemeinsame Erlebnisse, musikalisch und auf der menschlichen Ebene… dafür danke ich Dir.
Danke Dir meine liebe Stellotschka! Über 20 Jahren sind wir beide ein Team, ich kann es kaum erwarten weiter zusammen zu musizieren!
Dragomir Bratic
14.03.2023 21:05:49
Sanja Stefanović je magična osoba i muzičar, sve čega se prihvati napravi sjajno. Sanju sam upoznao kao učenik i sećam se jednog časa sa njom kada je u samo par reči napravila čudo u mom razumevanju dela, a i u samoj interpretaciji. Kasnije u životu smo sarađivali i kao kolege i moram da kažem da je predivna. Rado deli svoje bogato iskustvo i pomaže svima ko joj se obrati ili za koga ona smatra da treba da podrži. Nadam se da će doživeti za života sve počasti koje zaslužuje kao predivan muzičar, kolega, prijatelj i pre svega kao jedna sjajna ličnost.
Hvala ti puno dragi Dragomire! Dirnule su me tvoje reci!
Sophia Grech
13.03.2023 13:21:45
Sanja Stefanovic is a naturally gifted pianist and a rare talent; not only is she extraordinarily gifted as a soloist but also as a chamber artist, her musicality and sensitivity is exceptional. We have collaborated as a duo internationally for many years and I feel very lucky to have her by my side and perform beautiful music together.
Thank you, it has been such an amazing journey of music making with you!
Yanxi Shen
13.03.2023 09:05:07
Sanja is an amazing pianist and teacher!! I've learned so much from her, not just about playing the piano but also about appreciating and loving music in general. She sets high standards and encourages me to reach for new heights. Through her music, Sanja has the remarkable ability to connect with her audience on a deep emotional level. Her performances are not just technically flawless, but also imbued with a richness of feeling that can only come from a true master of the art.
Thank you dear Yanxi! Keep doing amazing work!
Teresa de los Arcos
12.03.2023 21:31:54
Hearing Sanja play the Kancheli miniature for the Piano Room was beautiful. I did not know this composer, and I am very much looking forward to more examples of his work. Sanja, congratulations on putting together this space. The love and generosity you are putting into it are shining through. I wish you all possible success with it! I will keep coming back for more.
莉丹 熊
11.03.2023 15:14:06
TGoogle translator:Ms. Sanja is a very good pianist and a piano educator who knows how to teach students according to their aptitude. My daughter once studied piano with Ms. Sanja. Under her earnest and kind guidance, my daughter gradually became interested in music , and began to invest in understanding and feeling Western music. I am very grateful that she is my daughter's first music teacher. ­

Thank you so much dear Xiong! Hope to see you this summer!
Eva Kovacevic
11.03.2023 12:06:10
I remember i first time heard Sanja playing. It was Schubert, in one old villa in Bochum. It was emotional, thought through, feeled, precise and precious.
Thank you!
Rodrigo Carrizo Couto
11.03.2023 12:01:40
Working with Sanja Stefanovic was a true pleasure. A sensible artist, always open for ideas and easy to work with. I'm looking forward to our next collaboration.
Always a pleasure working with the whole RCC Project Team! Thank you!
Ewa Plociennik
10.03.2023 19:34:32
Hi Ciocia,
Thank you for sending me to your website! I absolutely love how personal it feels, how openly you share your innermost thoughts and love for music. I'm also mesmerized by the "piano living room" initiative here - I've never seen anything like it before on any musician's page (maybe I haven't seen enough?) and it makes me look forward to the next recording in 10 days! I also adore the selection and miniature you shared :)
I hope your website reaches people all over the world!!
Thank you dear Ewusz! Let us keep the Piano Living Room roll on, I am sure we will all enjoy it!
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